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Warehouse pest control requires a unique approach best handled by a professional exterminator with experience treating warehouses. Especially in buildings like food processing plants or stored product facilities, pest problems are inevitable. Even worse, infestations can lead to shutdowns and failed inspections.

The industrial pest control team at Vermont Pest Control has over 30 years of experience protecting warehouses from pest problems.

Do You Need Warehouse Pest Control?

Warehouses are some of the biggest commercial buildings, which is why you need an experienced exterminator who knows the best methods of industrial pest control. Especially if you own a warehouse with any type of stored goods, you can be sure that pest problems will arise without proper care or prevention. Some of the most common pest problems in warehouses include:

Our Industrial Pest Control Process

By focusing on pest prevention, Vermont Pest Control can keep a pest infestation from ever starting. Our warehouse and industrial pest control methods include the following steps:

  • Thoroughly inspecting and treating any and all infected areas.
  • Scheduling service and visits for maximum discretion and convenience, including after hours and weekends.
  • Using eco-friendly products and methods that are proven to be effective.
  • Providing documentation for health inspectors and other government officials.
  • Following up on treatment and making any necessary adjustments.

Vermont’s Top Warehouse & Industrial Pest Control

Warehouses and other industrial buildings are particularly vulnerable to pest infestations based on the sheer size of them. Without the help of a professional industrial pest control expert, preventing pests can seem overwhelming. At Vermont Pest Control, our warehouse pest control experts will work with you and your maintenance personnel to provide comprehensive, safe, and effective pest management.

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