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No homeowner wants to deal with the frustration of a pest problem. At Vermont Pest Control, our experts are committed to keeping you and your family safe from the dangers of pests all year long. While you may be tempted to get rid of those ants in your kitchen or the rodents in your garage on your own, working with a professional is the only sure way to eliminate your pest problem in an effective, timely manner. Our pest control for residential properties focuses on preventing pest problems before they start. With years of experience at hand, we will work with you to develop a pest control plan suited to the unique needs of your Vermont property, providing you with pest-free* living.

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Our Residential pest Control Services

Home Pest Control Vermont Pest Control
If you’re a homeowner, you have likely dealt with pests, from ants and termites to cockroaches and rodents. At Vermont Pest Control, our residential exterminators focus on preventing pest infestations before they begin. Learn how our residential pest control experts can keep you and your family safe year-round!
pest control services for apartments and complexes in Vermont

Apartment Pest Control

Apartment buildings are prone to pest problems, especially bed bugs and cockroaches. See how Vermont Pest Control can protect your building and its tenants from pest infestations.

Vacation Home Pest Control in Middletown Springs | Vermont Pest Control

Vacation Home Pest Control

When you open the door to your vacation home, the last thing you want to see is pests. It is crucial to work with a professional pest control service to ensure your vacation home is pest-free*.

Condo Pest Control provided by Vermont Pest Control

Condominium Pest Control

Without the help of residential exterminators, multi-unit buildings are at a high risk of pest infestations. Vermont Pest Control is proud to be an industry leader in condominium pest control services.

HOA Pest Control provided by Vermont Pest Control

HOA Pest Control

For over 30 years, we have been providing residential pest control services to homeowners associations throughout Vermont. Learn more about how Vermont Pest Control can help.

Real Estate Inspections and Pest Control provided by Vermont Pest Control

Real Estate Inspections

To keep a pest-free* property, regular home inspections are of the essence. At Vermont Pest Control, our residential exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home or business for signs of current pest activity, as well as locate risks that may contribute to future infestations. We also offer thorough, reliable WDI Reports that are often required in the home buying or selling process.

pest control solutions for property manages in Vermont by Vermont Pest Control

Property Management Pest Control

As a property manager, you have a lot of responsibilities to keep your properties in tip-top shape. Vermont Pest Control is proud to work with real estate agents and property managers to keep homes and businesses free of pests throughout the year. Read more about our residential pest management for property managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of ways that you can prevent pests in your home on your own! We recommend:
  • Keeping a tidy kitchen
  • Sealing your outdoor trash bins
  • Checking for leaky pipes
  • Examining your home’s exterior for cracks
The unfortunate reality of DIY pest control, though, is that it is much harder to get rid of pests on your own than it is to prevent them. Contact us today to ask about your specific pest problems.
Yes, our home exterminators are well-versed in the pest problems that people face in apartment complexes and condominiums. The problem with multi-unit housing complexes is that pests can easily travel from one unit to another between walls, plumbing fixtures, and more. To prevent your pest infestation from traveling property-wide, we implement quick and calculated pest prevention and removal measures to leave your complex as clean as ever. Reach out today for a free quote!

Residential Exterminators You Can Trust

At Vermont Pest Control, our goal is to provide you with pest-free* living—guaranteed. Pest infestations are overwhelming for any homeowner, not to mention potentially dangerous. Certain pests carry and spread bacteria, while others damage homes with their destructive behaviors. With a focus on stopping pest problems before they start, our residential pest management team will use industry-leading pest control methods to protect you, your home, and your family members from pests.

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