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Spiders certainly get a bad rap for being scary, but most types of spiders are harmless! That doesn’t mean that anyone wants a ton of them invading their home, of course. Seeing just one or two spiders from time to time is normal, implementing the services of our spider exterminators may can help eliminate excess spiders or more dangerous species.

The spider exterminators at Vermont Pest Control have over 30 years of experience providing homes and businesses with effective spider pest control.

Our Spider Removal Process

As a QualityPro-certified company, our spider exterminators focus on preventing spider problems before they begin. Our goal is to implement industry-leading spider removal methods and products to keep these eight-legged creatures out of your property year-round. Some of the steps in our spider pest control process include:
  1. A thorough property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the spider species
  2. Placement or application of spider removal products and insecticides
  3. Proper sealing of entry points to control sources of the infestation
  4. A detailed spider removal report describing the treatment
  5. Spider control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

Frequently Asked Questions

The problem with trying to get rid of spiders on your own is that spiders can be present for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes it is an undetected pest infestation that attracts spiders to our homes, so we go after the spiders themselves without attacking the source of the problem. A spider exterminator can inspect your home in ways that you normally wouldn’t consider to determine the source of your infestation and decide on ways to go forward with spider control from there. Contact us today to get started with our spider exterminators!

The best way to keep spiders out of your house is to keep your house tidy in general. Decluttering around your home often will prevent unnecessary spider hiding places from developing. Also, keep in mind that moisture problems attract many of the pests that spiders prey on. Wiping up spills promptly and checking for leaky pipes routinely will contribute to a spider-free home. Get in touch today to learn more about preventing spiders!

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Spider Exterminators You Can Trust

Everyone deals with a few house spiders from time to time, but sometimes spider pest control is necessary. Whether you’re dealing with a dangerous spider or have noticed too many webs in your home, it’s always best to call the spider removal experts at Vermont Pest Control.

Our team understands how frightening spiders can seem, which is why our spider extermination focuses on controlling current infestations as well as preventing future ones!

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