fly on white in Middletown Springs

Late Summer Pests

Vermont summers are known for swimming holes, fly fishing, lake cruises, and picnics. During this time of year, there are an abundance
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one of vermonts dreaded invasive species, this emerald ash borer can cause major eco havoc

Five Invasive Pests to Watch for in Vermont

Vermont’s picturesque landscapes, lush forests, and tranquil water bodies make it a natural paradise. However, this idyllic setting is attractive to invasive
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a wasp siting on a flower outside

Stinging Insect Season in Vermont

There are few things worse than when stinging insects invade your outdoor space in Vermont during the warmer season. It’s enough to
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A micro photo of a mosquito on a person's skin.

Mosquito Prevention: Do’s and Don’ts

Summer in Vermont is a special time of year. The weather is warm during the day but nights are cool and comfortable,
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Scale bugs on a household orchid plant leaf.

Houseplant Bugs?! How to Keep Them Out

Houseplants can be a beautiful accent to your home décor. They act as an air purifier and replenish with oxygen. But, the
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Umbrella in heavy rain

How Extreme Weather Can Attract Pests

Vermont is known for its long rainy season, but gray clouds aren’t the only thing we have to worry about. From flooding
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