A tick on a dog in Vermont - Vermont Pest Control

Protect Yourself from Ticks & Lyme Disease

Everyone agrees that finding a tick on your body is one of the most unsettling pest-related experiences, but ticks are even more
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A tick in Vermont - Vermont Pest Control

April Rain Attracts Spring Pests

Keeping pests out of your home is a frustrating practice year-round here in Vermont, especially in spring. There are many reasons for
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DIY pest control can be dangerous, especially sprays. Learn more from Vermont Pest Control

Professional Exterminator or DIY Pest Control?

One time or another, we’ve all attempted our own pest control. From homemade sprays with vinegar for ants to store-bought traps for
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Squirrel on Vermont home roof - Vermont Pest Control

Worried About Animals in the Attic?

Whether you’re gathered in the kitchen with your family or trying to sleep at night, hearing noises and movement coming from your
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Winter bee hive in Vermont - Vermont Pest Control

Can Bees Hibernate?

Everyone associates the buzzing of bees with the spring or summertime. During these times of the year, bees and all other types
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A tick in Vermont - Vermont Pest Control

Can Ticks Survive through Winter?

It’s easy to assume that when winter rolls around, we can all stop worrying about the outdoor pests that bothered us in
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