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Flea & Tick Pest Control Services

Fleas and ticks are the most commonly dealt with parasitic pests in Vermont. With their tiny bodies and stealthy techniques, both ticks and fleas can cause problems for people and our pets before we notice that they’re there. Getting rid of these blood-sucking pests takes a lot of patience, as it can be a long process. It is important to get help from local tick control experts or flea exterminators to rid these pests from your home.

The tick and flea control specialists at Vermont Pest Control know just how distressing a pest outbreak can be for you and your family. We work hard to provide the best tick and flea removal in Vermont.

Common Fleas & Ticks in Vermont

Getting educated on local types of fleas and ticks is the first step to effective flea and tick control. We deal with these kinds here in Vermont:

  • Lone star tick: These ticks have long mouthparts and a white spot on their back. They are often found in brushy areas near small mammals.
  • American dog tick: This is the most common tick in our area. It has a darker back and smaller mouthparts than the Lone star tick.
  • Deer tick: Also known as wood ticks, deer ticks are responsible for spreading Lyme disease. You can identify them by the stark contrast between their bright red back and maroon head.
  • Fleas: Fleas are minuscule, wingless parasites that thrive in shady areas near small animals. Their bites cause our pets to itch incessantly.

Our Flea & Tick Extermination Process

When you hire Vermont Pest Control for flea or tick removal, we take the following steps to ensure that your family and pets are safe:

  1. Complete a holistic inspection of your home or business to find the flea or tick species and the reason for the outbreak
  2. Use pertinent tick or flea control products and insecticides
  3. Seal off your home to fleas and ticks using exclusion efforts
  4. Write up a complete tick or flea removal report detailing the treatment
  5. Follow-up with flea and tick control and prevention advice to stop future infestations
Exterminator at Vermont Pest Control technician providing extermination services in Vermont

When to Call an Exterminator for Fleas & Ticks in Vermont

Ticks and fleas around your home can cause serious problems for your family and pets. Ticks in particular are able to pass on dangerous diseases through their bites, making it crucial to take their presence seriously and take action right away. At Vermont Pest Control, we know how hard it is to get rid of ticks and fleas on your own. Our tick and flea exterminators will help you ensure that all parasitic pests around your home are gone, for good.

Flea & Tick Exterminators – Control – Removal in Vermont

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