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If you live in an apartment or multi-family housing unit, pest infestations are more common than you may want to admit. With so many people living in one building, a pest problem can spread quickly if not managed by a professional apartment pest control company. At Vermont Pest Control, we have over 30 years of experience providing apartment buildings with full-service pest management.

We take pride in our comprehensive apartment pest control services and will work with you to keep tenants in your building safe from pests year-round.

Common Pests in Apartments

Once pests get inside of apartment buildings, they can spread if not dealt with. Because so many people live in multi-unit buildings, infestations can spread quickly. There are three pests in particular that apartment buildings deal with the most: ants, rodents, and cockroaches! At Vermont Pest Control, we will treat the entire building for pests to ensure total control of any active infestations. We also will work with you and your management to protect you from pest infestations year-round.

Apartment Pest Control Process

By working with Vermont Pest Control for multi-unit pest control, you can trust we will work hard to protect your building and its inhabitants from pest problems. The benefits of using us for your apartment pest control needs include:

  • Comprehensive pest control for apartments: Our company is fully licensed, equipped, and staffed to handle any pest control problem you have, now or in the future.
  • Resident satisfaction: We check with you on a regular basis to see if your residents are having any problems.
  • Safety and reduced liability: We use only the most trusted pest control products, applying the safest possible products available. This is particularly important where the elderly reside or children live and play.
  • Pricing: Our year-round programs reduce your cost, allowing us to offer the best possible pricing.
  • Security: Our pest management professionals are among the best trained in the industry. This means you receive only professional, licensed, uniformed, and security-screened technicians to work on your property.

Vermont’s Apartment Pest Management

Whether you’re a property manager, building owner, or a resident living in an apartment building, regular pest control is of the essence. Multi-family units need to be protected against common pests that risk the health and safety of its inhabitants. Vermont Pest Control provides the best apartment pest control services, from one-time treatments to year-round plans.

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