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Food processing facilities are under strict regulations to keep their buildings safe, clean, and free of pests. The food industry, in general, must pass inspections in order to stay in business, and a pest infestation can disrupt that. In fact, one failed inspection in any food processing plant can lead to a shut-down, halt operations, cause food recalls, affect employees, and cost the facility owner thousands of dollars.

For over 30 years, Vermont Pest Control has been providing industries in the area with top-notch food processing facility pest control services.

Common Pests in Food Processing Facilities

While the food industry can certainly be affected by any type of pest infestation, there are a few types of pests that tend to be the most likely perpetrators of an infestation in this industry. Storage pest control from a professional is necessary to protect you from these pests. Some of the most common pests in food processing plants and warehouses include:

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Pantry pests

Why Do You Need Food Processing Pest Control?

Pests in food processing plants, warehouses, and other foodservice buildings don’t only affect business operations—they pose a serious health risk. Some of the safety and health concerns of pest problems in the food distribution industry include:

  • Certain pests are capable of spreading food-borne illnesses or diseases.
  • Severe damage can be inflicted upon buildings, wiring, fixtures, and machinery.
  • Food contaminated by pests inside a facility can be transported out during delivery before the problem is realized.
  • Infestations can leave behind damage or messes that are costly to clean up.

Best Food Processing Facility Pest Control

At Vermont Pest Control, we know that a pest-free* environment is essential to your daily operations in a food processing facility. To keep your facility up and running all year long, we provide regular inspections and treatments to prevent pest infestations before they begin.

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Food Processing Facility Pest Control in Vermont

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