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What is better than summertime in Vermont? Beautiful weather encourages everyone to spend more time outdoors. Unfortunately, mosquitoes love the summertime as much as you do. With mosquito season gearing up, now is the time to learn how to prevent mosquitoes in your yard. These pesky insects aren’t just a nuisance–they can be dangerous, too. The team at Vermont Pest Control knows how frustrating mosquitoes can be, which is why we are providing you with our best tips to prevent mosquitoes this summer. Read on to learn more!

Prevent Mosquitoes in 5 Steps

Mosquitoes are picky when it comes to choosing a place to breed and inhabit. By reducing the things around your yard that may attract mosquitoes, you can potentially avoid an infestation. Our best tips to prevent mosquitoes are:

  1. Maintain your yard. Regularly maintain your garden and lawn to keep the grass short. Also keep plants and bushes trimmed to prevent mosquito resting spots.
  2. Eliminate all standing water. Get rid of standing water in buckets, flower pots, bird baths, tarps, and more. Mosquitoes use standing water to breed!
  3. Install screens on windows and doors. Installing screens on your doors and windows can keep mosquitoes from getting indoors every time you try to get some fresh air.
  4. Place fish in ponds and agitate the water. Certain types of fish will feed on mosquito larvae. In addition, adding an agitator will stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.
  5. Use fans in your outdoor spaces. Mosquitoes hate wind and are not strong fliers. Use fans to help force them away from your outdoor areas.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

We all know that mosquitoes tend to go after certain individuals. Even if you’re not prone to getting bitten, it’s important to take precautions regardless. Try to avoid going outdoors at dusk and dawn, as this is when mosquitoes are most active. When you do go outdoors, wear long-sleeved pants and shirts. It’s also smart to wear light-colored clothing. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, consider applying insect repellent that contains DEET. If you plan on using it on your children, always consult your pediatrician before application.

Mosquito Control in Vermont

Whether you have an upcoming outdoor event or a family barbecue, it’s smart to prepare for mosquitoes to make an appearance. By getting rid of the things that attract mosquitoes, you can keep your family safe. If you need more info on mosquito prevention, give us a call today!

Here’s How to Prevent Mosquitoes This Summer in Vermont

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