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If you’ve dealt with any species of rodents before, you know what a nuisance they can be. Both rats and mice share similar characteristics, habits, and more but if we had to determine which is “worse”, rats would be the winner! Rats can be visually scarier due to their larger size and can be more aggressive than mice.  Rats are also very smart, and while you wouldn’t think that makes them worse, it does mean that it takes longer to remove a rat infestation from a structure. Both of these rodents can inflict a lot of damage on your home, so it’s important to learn how to differentiate rats from mice. Here at Vermont Pest Control, we want to keep our customers informed of the pest threats they face. To start, we’re here to share all you need to know about the differences between rats and mice.

Rats vs. Mice

Rats and mice are different in a number of ways. The following traits can help set them apart.

  • Rats
    • While they differ between species, rats typically have larger bodies that are about 6–9 inches.
    • Rats have small, hairy ears and larger feet.
    • Their droppings are much bigger than those of mice at 10–20 mm long.
    • Rats produce 3–6 litters a year with up to 10 pups in each litter.
    • Rats are opportunistic feeders that will eat meats, grains, seeds, and much more.

Mice and rats identification in Vermont - Vermont Pest Control

  • Mice
    • Most mice are only 2–4 inches long.
    • Mice typically have larger ears and tails compared to their body size.
    • The droppings mice leave behind have pointed ends and are just 1–2 mm long.
    • Mice are omnivores but mostly feed on seeds, grains, and fruits.
    • They are more prolific: Mice produce 5–10 litters a year with up to 14 mice in each litter.

Signs of Rats and Mice In Your Property

Unlike many types of pests, rodents will make their presence known rather quickly when they infest your property. Some of the most common signs you have rats or mice in your home include foul odors, odd noises, gnaw marks, chewed up nests, burrows or tunnels, and droppings or urine spots. Besides being a nuisance to get rid of, rats and mice alike are dangerous due to their ability to transmit some of the world’s worst diseases. As soon as you spot the signs of rats or mice, it’s crucial to contact your local rodent control company.

How to Identify Rats or Mice

If you think you are dealing with a rodent problem, it’s time to contact the pros at Vermont Pest Control. We are committed to protecting our customers from the dangers of rodents and can help identify the type of rodent you’re dealing with. Contact our rodent control experts today.

Rats vs. Mice: Which is Worse? in Vermont

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