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An overwintering pest is any insect or wild animal that gets into your property, typically in the fall, for shelter during the winter months. Rather than hibernate during the cold winter, these pests will nest and remain active in your attic or crawl space until spring rolls around. Needless to say, pest activity in your home this time of year is something no one wants to deal with. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can prevent overwintering pests in Vermont homes. Keep reading to learn our top tips to keep pests out of your attic every winter.

What Overwintering Pests are Common in Vermont?

Just as you look to spend more time indoors in the winter to escape the dropping temperatures outdoors, so do pests! A few of the most common pests and wild animals that try to get inside this time of year include:

  • House mice: Many mice prefer secluded areas and will look to nest in your attic using insulation and other stored items.
  • Rats: Different types of rats can squeeze their way inside and take up residence in the attic.
  • Bats: Big brown bats will roost in an attic and use it as their cave. Bats can create a big mess with their droppings.
  • Raccoons: Raccoons are strong climbers and can make their way into your attic to escape dropping temperatures outside.
  • Squirrels: The attic is the perfect place for squirrels to burrow and hide out the colder months.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Pests Out This Winter

Every year, it’s important to learn how to protect your home against winter pest problems. Some of the best ways to prevent overwintering pests include the following measures.

  1. In your attic, organize all items and eliminate any clutter. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes for storage.
  2. Inspect both inside out outside the attic, and seal any cracks or crevices with caulk or steel wool.
  3. Secure your chimney with a chimney cap, and install wire mesh over any vents or holes.
  4. Trim overhanging tree branches, overgrown bushes, and vines away from your home to limit roof access to pests.
  5. Ensure your garbage cans are securely stored in your hard with tight-fitting lids to keep pests out.

Winter Pest Infestations

This time of year, no one wants to share their home with pests. If you suspect there are rodents or other pests taking shelter in your attic, it’s important to contact the professionals at Vermont Pest Control. Pests residing in your home can be dangerous and hazardous—give us a call to get rid of them safely.

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