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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Vermont?

For the best possible mosquito protection, we recommend that you have your home treated right before mosquito season starts. That being said, mosquito treatment will be helpful at any time. You can have a barrier treatment applied before or during mosquito season. Having a professional mosquito control expert apply treatment in the spring is the best possible way to defend against a mosquito problem.

When should Mosquito treatment start in Middletown Springs, VT - Vermont Pest Control

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out in Vermont?

Mosquito season starts at different points in time depending on where you live. Why is this? Mosquito eggs can only hatch when temperatures consistently remain above 50 degrees. Once they do, mosquitoes start to reproduce more rapidly. Here in Vermont, mosquito season usually starts at the beginning of May. This gives us plenty of time in the spring to start preparing for the months of high mosquito numbers ahead. Their population sizes will peak in the summer and hang around as the temperatures dwindle in autumn.

When Should I Start Mosquito Treatment?

Many people wait until it’s far too late to look into starting a mosquito treatment plan. If you let them hang around in your yard for too long, they will establish a breeding population and will be much harder to get rid of. Your best chance at avoiding a mosquito outbreak is to get a head start on mosquito treatment during the early spring. This may seem overly cautious, but it will help reduce the waves of mosquitoes to come.

What is the Best Time of Day to Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes display the most activity at dusk and dawn. This is when mosquitoes are out trying to find food and continue the reproductive cylce. Applying mosquito barrier treatments in the cooler morning time or at sunset will give you the best results. When you work with a professional mosquito exterminator for barrier treatment application, they will figure out the best time to treat your property for mosquitoes.

When Should Mosquito Treatment Start In Vermont? in Vermont

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