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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Depending on what kind of spray is used, mosquito treatment can be effective for up to two months. The weather, environment, and the number of mosquitoes present can all play into the longevity of the treatment. When you hire a professional mosquito control expert, they will figure when your Vermont home or property should be treated for mosquitoes again.

The goal is to keep your yard free of mosquitoes throughout the spring and summer, which may necessitate additional treatments.

How long does a Mosquito treatment last in Middletown Springs, VT - Vermont Pest Control

How Many Mosquito Treatments Are Necessary?

Multiple mosquito treatments are usually required to set up continual protection against mosquitoes in the spring and summer. After about a month’s time, the first round of repellent will begin to degrade, weakening the barrier that protects your property. Rather than let the repellent wear off, you should have your yard retreated to keep up the protection until the fall and winter months.

How Often Do I Need Additional Mosquito Treatment?

In addition to professional treatment, you should still keep watch for signs of mosquito activity in your yard. You can practice the following routine to ensure mosquitoes stay away:

  1. Check up on your yard weekly to look for signs of mosquito activity.
  2. Tip over any containers that have collected rainwater.
  3. Install a fan outside to ward off mosquitoes with wind.

Mosquito Treatment Timeframe

Mosquito treatment should begin in the early days of spring, usually early April here in Vermont. After your first treatment, your mosquito control professional will help you determine when your yard should be retreated. This could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. If you notice a decrease in effectiveness in the first month, it’s important to always reach out to your exterminator for help.

How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last? in Vermont

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