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Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Mosquito traps are getting better and better at controlling populations of nuisance mosquitoes. Advancements in technology have led to mosquito traps that not only limit adult mosquito populations but target females to stifle the growth of future generations.

There are a few main types of mosquito traps to choose from, but all of them are generally considered to be able to reduce active mosquito populations around them.

Do Mosquito traps really work in Middletown Springs, VT - Vermont Pest Control

How Do Mosquito Traps Defend Against Mosquitoes?

Different kinds of mosquito traps make use of varying strategies to lure in mosquitoes. Here is some basic information about mosquito traps:

  1. Most traps aim to draw in female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite and lay eggs.
  2. Traps often mimic the scents that mosquitoes use to locate hosts with blood to feed on. 
  3. The most common signals that mosquito traps use are carbon dioxide (to mimic human breath), heat, light, and fragrance.
  4. The trapping methods also differ: some mosquito traps suck the mosquitoes in with a fan, others electrocute the mosquitoes, and some use a sticky surface to capture them.

Do Mosquito Traps Use Carbon Dioxide?

Humans release carbon dioxide when they exhale, and mosquitoes can pick up on this scent from far distances. A carbon dioxide mosquito trap mimics the emission of carbon dioxide in our exhalation. Once the mosquito enters the trap, it cannot leave, either because it has been sucked in by a fan, stuck on a sticky surface, or electrocuted. CO2 traps try to lure in and eliminate female mosquitoes to stop their reproduction.

Do Mosquito Traps Work Well in Vermont?

When you want to pick out the best mosquito trap for your yard, you’ll want to consult your local mosquito exterminator.  A local expert will be able to inform you on how to best get rid of the kinds of mosquitoes commonly found in your area. Reachg out to our experts at Vermont Pest Control to learn more today!

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?​ in Vermont

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