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Rodents are a nuisance pest throughout the entire year, but they are especially troublesome in the fall here in Vermont. As soon as summer wraps up and the early days of fall begin, dropping temperatures encourage rodents to get indoors for food, water, and shelter. Needless to say, rodents inside are any property owner’s worst nightmare. Besides the damage they can cause, rats and mice also are able to contaminate surfaces and spread potentially harmful diseases. Here at Vermont Pest Control, we know how important it is to keep your facility or building safe from rodents. Our team of rats and mice pest control experts are here to share their best fall rodent prevention tips.

How Do Rats & Mice Get In?

Rats and mice in particular are known for their ability to squeeze through the tiniest of openings to get indoors. Once inside, rats and mice will take shelter in attics, basements, kitchens, and garages. Mice can scale walls, squeeze through tiny openings, jump, and build nests in just about any room you can imagine. A rat or mouse problem often begins when the rodents get in through your chimney, pipes, air vents, and more. In addition to contaminating surfaces and spreading germs, rodents can chew through materials with their ever-growing teeth, making them capable of causing a lot of damage.

8 Fall Rodent Prevention Tips & Tricks

The best form of rodent control is prevention. A few of our tried-and-true tips to prevent rats and mice this fall and all year long include:

  1. Store food properly. Securely store food in tight-fitting containers with lids.
  2. Keep a tidy yard. Cut back any tree limbs or vines that are attached to or near the home.
  3. Seal holes around pipes. Use caulk or wire wool to cover up gaps and openings near pipes and other openings.
  4. Get rid of excess moisture. Fix leaking pipes and clogged drains.
  5. Store firewood away from your home. Piles of lumber will surely attract rodents and other pests to get close to your house.
  6. Cover vents. Install mesh screens on your vents. Also consider installing screens on doors and windows.
  7. Protect eaves. Fix any damaged roofing and use wire mesh to seal gaps in your eaves.
  8. Use tight lids on trash cans. Rodents love to rummage in the garbage! If possible, keep your trash cans sealed and stored.

Year-Round Rodent Exclusion

Finding out you have a rodent problem in your home is distressing. To avoid this, it’s crucial to take the time to implement rodent exclusion and prevention methods. As soon as you suspect the signs of rodents inside, call us. Our rodent exterminators can work with you to develop a rodent prevention plan suited to the needs of your property.

Best Fall Rodent Prevention Tips in Vermont

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