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Seeing a few bees, wasps, or hornets here and there isn’t cause for concern. In fact, bees are pollinators and play an important role in our ecosystem. So when is a wasp exterminator needed? When large numbers of stinging insects appear in residential areas or a nest is built on a building, it’s time to call a hornet and wasp exterminator.

Wasp and hornet nest removal should always be handled by an expert, especially considering the fact that many people are allergic to bee or wasp stings. Vermont Pest Control has over 30 years experience providing safe, effective wasp and hornet removal.

Do You Need a Wasp Exterminator?

Sometimes people come across a nest and assume they can deal with it themselves. Unfortunately, DIY wasp and hornet nest removal is out of the question. Stinging insects can be much more aggressive than you anticipate, which turns a small nest removal into something much more dangerous. A few things to know about DIY wasp nest removal:

  • If someone is allergic to stinging insects of any kind, do not attempt to remove bees or wasps by yourself.
  • Nests bigger than the size of a fist must be handled by a professional.
  • If you are going to attempt to remove a tiny nest, remember to never spray inside of your building. Always spray at night or early in the morning when wasps and bees are least active.
  • Wasps and hornets are unpredictable, and some species can be very aggressive. If you don’t know the species you’re dealing with, it’s best to not take any chances and call your local wasp exterminator.

Professional Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Control

If you’ve spotted a large swarm of stinging insects—or a wasp or hornet nest—near your property, it’s time to call the bee, wasp & hornet exterminators at Vermont Pest Control. Our hornet control team promises to safely remove bees, wasps, or hornets to keep you and your family safe from them all year long.

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When to Call a Hornet and Wasp Exterminator in Vermont

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