Services & Cycles

Service Sites

We service a wide variety of accounts: residential; commercial; institutional; industrial. In a typical workday we can work inside a primary home, at a health care facility, at a bank, in a vacation home, and at a factory—wherever pests are unwanted.

Service Cycles

Some situations require more services visits than others – your building, your tolerance level, and/or the type of pest that is giving you a problem, often determines the frequency of our visits. We offer summer, monthly, spring-&-fall, annual services, and variations of each.

SummerThis service cycle is set-up for carpenter ant control, as well as for pavement and other ants
MonthlyThis cycle works well for many restaurants and food production facilities as well as serious rodent situations
OtherSome situations need just one visit per year or a spring-and-fall service visit — your situation will dictate a cycle