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Dead-of-Winter “Bug” Blog

The sky is slate-colored and the pines are wearing many frosty white shoulder pads while the temperature today hovers around 22 degrees Fahrenheit.  There is a pervading stillness to the landscape and it seems to sift indoors, into our office.  Yet, we are receiving numerous inquiries about multi-colored lady Asian beetles and the boxelder bugs.  And, yes, we had a call about “stink bugs” just the other day.  Why would insects be inside, creeping out folks when the weather is so frigid?

The answer is quite simple – these insects are overwintering in your homes!  When the fall temperatures dropped at night, these arthropods reacted to biological instinct and they sought out warmth.  Your home with its generous amount of tiny openings was better for winter refuge than the stone wall voids or tree bark layers, outside.  So, in they came, the silent and steady emigration of insects.

We often call these overwintering bugs “non-paying tenants.” When you turn up your heat or when the sun is strong on a winter day, many of the “tenants” feel that spring has arrived (they really don’t set their seasonal alarm clocks!) and they emerge into your living spaces. The cluster flies buzz about and tend to get on your nerves, the multi-colored lady Asian beetles leave an acrid/orange smell/stain on windows and upholstery, the boxelder bugs really just amble about and the “stink bugs” mostly freak out folks.  They DO look like creatures from prehistoric times but they don’t do anything more than the boxelder bugs.  BTW - these are NOT stink bugs – they are Western conifer seeds bugs.

The time to prevent incursion of these insects is late summer and/or early fall.  Please do give us a call if you would like your winter of 2019 to be less “alive!”

And, stay warm!





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