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The Sounds of Spring

The advent of spring weather is often heralded by the show of dancing daffodils, the greening of un-plowed pastures, the bobbing of the robin on the lawn, and the longer hours of warm sunshine. We look for the rusty-breast robin and the fanciful flight of the goldfinch. And we note the height of the lawn’s grass and we know that it’s time to break out the lawn mower.  The sights are so welcome.


But it’s the sounds of spring that seem to lift the winter-weary soul to a higher level.  Listen! You can often hear the robin before you see it.  And from the vernal pools and so-full ponds comes the sound of the peepers.  The bard owl, which can be heard all winter, now performs the craziest of songs.  (Perhaps it’s a mating call?)  The brooks do babble and the air is full of so many bird calls, each with varying pitches and rhythms.


Finally, there are the insects of spring!  Wasps begin to hover about your house on warm, sunny days.  Ants get all business-like as they follow their trails to food and back to the nest. Bumblebees buzz about, enjoying the dandelion’s nectar. The oft-called black flies begin to hover about your face as you work outside in the gardens.


We were at a cabin in Orwell the other day and noted this huge black frog sitting in the remnants of a mucky pool of water.  There were all sorts of tiny insects of varying sizes and species (Within the class Hexapoda there are over 750,000 different species of insects) hovering, diving and flying about. Mr. or Ms. Frog seemed to have all the food he/she could eat.  But then, we noticed a long lean garter snake, frozen into position, along the edge of the pool.  (He/she had first noticed us!) Ah, yes, even frogs need share the insect wealth with other hungry creatures.


So, however you celebrate this new season, enjoy! It’s finally here – take a deep breath of spring!

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